A Vita Spa is designed to deliver a complete massage just like you would receive at a massage clinic. In a complete massage there are five movements or techniques that are commonly performed to improve circulation, relieve tension and relax. Vita Spa incorporates a variety of massage systems into its unique designs to deliver effective, therapeutic relief. Experience the natural healing power of hydrotherapy and choose between our many jetting arrays – each utilizing specific massage techniques to satisfy your needs. Your Vita Spa utilizes different types of jets in specific configurations throughout the spa to deliver these 5 treatments as described below..


Only Vita Spa uses this unique white water system to emulate the effleurage technique you would experience with a professional masseuse. The gliding action of the jets warms up the muscles – leaving them relaxed and prepared for a more intense massage.


This is a French word that means “kneading.” This treatment is done by larger swirling jets in various locations in the seats that swirl and knead the back. A petrissage treatment provides a deeper, more intense massage to effectively release muscle tension and pain locked deep in the muscles.


This treatment is a rhythmic tapping using the edges of the hands or lightly with the palms. Tapotement is done using specially designed jets placed in a variety of seats that pulse the water to deliver this effect. A tapotement massage promotes blood flow and circulation to help the body carry away toxins and acids that can build up and cause pain and stiffness.


This is also called cross fiber massage and is achieved by precise and powerful circular jets that deliver this effect in a variety of positions according to where they are located in the spa. A circular or “cross fiber” treatment unlocks stiff and tired muscles to relive stress and increase mobility.


This treatment is used to stimulate blood flow over the entire body all at once and aid the body to remove oxidants and acids that can cause stiffness and pain. The Champagne Air system option effectively vibrates the water all around the bather to produce an effective and relieving treatment.


In addition to the “complete message” provided by the Vita jetting systems, hand and foot massage systems are included for a “reflexology” type of treatment. Reflexology targets nerve endings in the hands and feet that are believed to be related to other areas of the body, including organs, glands, and systems. Soothing these reflex points reduces tension while improving blood flow and re-establishing harmony to improve overall health.


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