Decide where to put your spa

All spas need a solid flat foundation.

Spas range in size from 6′ – 7′ – 8′ with shapes that are square, rectangle, round or even triangular.

Swims spas range from 11’ to 18’

What kind of access do you have to get the spa in your back yard?

Most spas need from 36″ to 42″ gate access – depending on the model.

Sometimes a crane is a good option.

Custom Spas Direct delivery crew is extremely professional and experienced, making your delivery safe and easy!!

How many people will use the spa?

Spas range from 2-person to 8-person.

Is it for fun and recreation?

Let us help you choose the right spa for your needs.

Is it for hydrotherapy for a specific health condition?

We have a large selection of spas perfect for this intended use – ask us!

What type of seating are you looking for?

Do you want all seats or would you like a lounger also?

Custom Spas Direct Hydrotherapy Specialist can give you the best information to help you decide which spa is the best for your needs.

We have numerous models available that we can custom build for your hydrotherapy needs and for your budget.

How many jets are you looking for?

Spas range from 12 jets to 100 jets.

Our manufacturers offer a wide variety of jets for all of your hydrotherapy needs.

Foot massage, full back massage, neck and shoulder jets are just a few options available.

We can custom build a spa specifically for you.

What size of pumps do the spas have?

Pumps range from 1.5hp to 6.0bhp

All our manufacturers use Balboa Motors. The most dependable motor in the industry.

What type of filtration does it have?

Spas come with 1, 2, or 3 filters.

All our manufacturers have very effective and efficient filtration systems. The filter types are based on the size, make and model.

What type of cover does it have?

We carry exclusive hard covers on our Tuff Spas line.

American Whirlpool and Vita Spas have a polyester cover.

All covers are UL safety approved with safety straps.

What type of frame does it have?

Our manufacturers use Polyethylene Unibody construction or steel framing on their spas.

What type of base does it have?

All our manufacturers use Polyethylene or ABS plastic to seal the base of their spas.

Does the spa have easy access to the spa equipment for any future service needs?

Our represented lines are all easily service onsite.

How is the spa insulated?

All our spas use thermal barrier technology. The reflective material radiates heat from the pumps back into the spa. This offers more efficient heating with lower operating costs.

All our spa insulation is fire retardant and mold resistant.

What is the monthly operating costs?

Spas can run between $20 to $50 per month depending on the model.

Our manufacturers offer the best insulation on all of their products.

All spas are California Energy Commission Certified.

How do you want to power the spa?

Our full line of spas operate at either 120v or 240v. Several models can even run on either – your choice!

What is your budget?

Custom Spas Direct have spas starting at $3999.

What finance plans are available?

Custom Spas Direct currently offers Special Financing for 60 months with approved credit through Wells Fargo. Contact us for details.

What is the warranty of the spa?

Custom Spas Direct has the best warranties in the business.

Warranties range from 3 years up to lifetime warranties depending on the parts and the product.

How long has Custom Spas Direct been in business?

Custom Spas Direct have been in the spa business since 1993.

What is Custom Spas Direct’s BBB rating?

Custom Spas Direct has an A+ rating with the BBB.

Click here to view our page at BBB.


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