Serum – Total Maintenance


Serum – Total Maintenance

Water cleaning agents and salts that help maintain and balance how tub water.
4-5 month supply

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Hot Tub SERUM Total Maintenance is the ONLY EPA registered product designed to perform multiples roles in keeping your spa water pure & pristine, ready for your enjoyment at any time.  Total Maintenance will:

  • Prevent the accumulation of biofilm in your spa’s plumbing
  • Both ensure your primary sanitizer performs optimally and act as a secondary sanitizer to keep your spa water clean & clear
  • Keep your pH in the proper range of 7.2 – 7.6
  • Prevent black mold from developing on spa covers & around spa pillows
  • Continuously clean your spa filter(s)

Total Maintenance dosage is 1 oz. a month for each 100 gallons of water in your spa.  Our 2L bottle will maintain a typical 400-gallon hot tub for 4 months.

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